Equilibrium is a stainless steel kinetic wind sculpture which plays with the concept of balance and transfer of energy through specific angles to create intriguing, fluid, geometric patterns.  Its reaction to its environment; depending on wind conditions and surrounding obstacles, creates constantly varying, unique; flowing and chaotic systems.

£7,950  (Sold)


“Equilibrium 2” (Available)

This versions of Equilibrium sculpture also uses balance and energy transfer within the system to show the spectacular geometric movements created by constant variations within the environment it inhabits. 

This design is repeatable and can be produced for sale price £2750.  The piece will be made for you from well engineered, lazer cut, stainless steel parts to ensure longevity.  It stands at 2.1m tall, diameter 1.9m and constantly moves in intriguing patterns even in the lightest of winds.

Price £2750




Serenity kinetic wind sculpture emulates growth patterns found in nature, the movements form an intriguing rhythm; reacting to the weather condition in its specific location.  The dynamic movements make the rigid steel structure more fluid; flickering with the surrounding trees in the wind.

Price; £4,950