The kinetic wind sculptures I create explore the relationship of geometry and form interacting in their environment.  The natural flows and influences of interactions in our world are demonstrated through the complex geometry and balance of the pieces. 

Quickly developing a reputation for detailed realistic and abstract science based sculptures; my background in engineering as well as knowledge of weather and wind flow has lead to a natural progression in to kinetic sculptures. 

Having lived on a working farm in the countryside for most of my life, I have been inspired by the complex synergy within the world around us.  My passions include paragliding, climbing and farming, which complement my interest in understanding the natural world.  I find ‘play’ a very important part of developing ideas; using many small wind sculptures and models, microscope exploration, as well as computer modelling.   I endeavour to create artwork which makes people take notice and inspire them to explore the hidden interactions within our world.

Using stainless steel and corten metal I am able to create intricate, large scale pieces of art for public spaces, private gardens as well as sculpture exhibitions.  I have created sculptures for universities, schools and had various commissions from as far afield as America and Australia.


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Exhibitions 2020

The Brunswick Centre – London

Delamore Arts – Delamore Estate Devon

Doddington Hall Sculpture Exhibition – Lincoln

Montcrieff Bray Gallery – Petworth, Sussex

Canwood Gallery  –  Checkley, Herefordshire

Hannah Peschar – Dorking, Surrey

Burghley House – Sculpture Exhibition; Cambridgeshire

Exhibitions 2019

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show – London

Fresh Air Sculpture – Quenington, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire

Delamore Arts Exhibition  –  Delamore Estate, Devon

Beaulieu Motorsports Museum – Hampshire

Burghley House – Sculpture Exhibition; Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Borde Hill – Sculpture Exhibition; Sussex

Montcrieff Bray Gallery – Sussex

Canwood Gallery  –  Checkley, Herefordshire

Art in the Marches  –  Kington, Herefordshire

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Public Commissions

Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester  –  Barley Ears

Eardisley School, Herefordshire  –  Autumn Archway

Manilla Flight Park, Australia  –  Wedge-tailed Eagle

Sacred Kingdom, Texas  –  Geodesic Crystal Energy Forms

Fordhill Community Farm, Shropshire  –  Beetle Sculpture

Northland College, Ashland, Wisconsin  –  Encompassed